Royal Palm Flood Lit Cricket


The Royal Palm Flood Lit Cricket Championship will be played at the dazzling Royal Palm Cricket Arena over six days, endorsed and supported by F. R Cables and Chawala Aluminium and with involvement of hundreds of families, significantly, mothers and grandmothers who flock to the event to see their talented ones in action and undoubtedly their interest and involvement in the competition is intense. The teams are cheered with sensational fervour and each excellent cricket shot and tactful and effective ball bowled is applauded without taking sides. Fever for this event has really picked up and the number of participating teams are now sixteen as against the previous eight. The tournament this time will be on league basis with teams divided into four pools and on each of the first four days a total of six matches will be held each day whereas semi finals will be contested on the fifth day and finals on the sixth day. The participating teams are Punjab Lions, Punjab Burners, Royal Titans, Royal Strikers in Pool A, Royal Vikings, Indus Chargers, Lahore Challengers, Lahore Fighters in Pool B, Punjab Stunners, Lahore Strikers, Royal Jaguars, Lahore Panthers in Pool C, and Indus Warriors, Lahore Bashers, Punjab Kings and Punjan Giants in Pool D. Each evening the match will start at 6pm and continue till late in the night. The fitness standard of the competitors looks high and also heightened is their passion to perform well.