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Successful tripartite talks hint at easing Pak-US impasse

As the ongoing bilateral talks between Islamabad and Washington over the reopening of NATO supplies show progress and signs of a breakthrough, senior military commanders from the ISAF, Pakistan and Afghanistan on Sunday resolved to work together and fully cooperate in the global war against terrorism.
The 35th meeting of the ‘Tripartite Commission’ of the three countries was held at GHQ, in which Pakistan Army’s delegation was led by army chief General Ashfaq Kayani, while International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Commander General John Allen and Afghan National Army Chief of General Staff General Sher Muhammad Karimi headed the US and American delegations, respectively. According to the ISPR, the talks were focused on border control measures and mechanisms put in place to avoid untoward incidents on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border. Military commanders from the three sides also decided to keep an eye on the movement along the border while coordinating activities.
This was the first meeting of the tripartite commission after the Pakistani parliament submitted its recommendations on the reopening of NATO supply lines and drone attacks on the future ties with the US States. In a significant development, the government also convened a crucial meeting of the Defense Committee of the Cabinet (DCC) on Tuesday, which is likely to finalize a decision on restoration of the stalled NATO supplies. The restoration of NATO supplies by Islamabad would also pave the way for Pakistan’s participation in the vital NATO Summit on future of Afghanistan to be held in Chicago on May 20-21.
“The meeting on Saturday between the ISAF commander and General Kayani helped ease the prevailing tensions between Pakistan and the US and it is very likely that decision on NATO supplies would be made this week by Pakistan after the DCC meeting,” said a Pakistani official, seeking anonymity. He said the matter of NATO supplies also came under discussion in the tripartite commission meeting on Sunday, with all three sides expressing satisfaction over the ongoing talks on the important issue between the NATO team and Pakistani authorities in Islamabad.
The NATO supplies were suspended by Islamabad after the US/NATO helicopters attacked the Pakistani border posts in November last year and killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.
“Pakistan, Afghanistan and ISAF authorities also resolved to strengthen the anti-terrorism cooperation and once again engaged in full collaboration against the global menace at the tripartite commission meeting,” the official said. Gen Allen later said he had been “very encouraged” by the talks.
“There was agreement these meetings are important to achieving continued progress toward… a peaceful Afghanistan so that Afghanistan can no longer be a safe haven for terrorists,” Allen said, an ISAF statement said.

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  1. haris said:

    Tensions between US and Pakistan must end. Its vital for Pakistan's survival.

    • Ahsan said:

      Yes the tensions should end but not at the cost of our national interest.

      • mangat said:

        By the way what's "our national interest"

        • Anon said:

          Some will say "strategic depth" never mid the "grass for dinner" …

  2. Ahsan said:

    US doesnt decide our survival. Start believing in yourself and get some self respect.

    • Anon said:

      Didn't our suicide bombers proved that point already?

    • Anon said:

      …Or, may be, a very bad of a Pakistan to govern …

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