NA speaker takes notice of Abid Sher Ali’s ‘non-parliamentary’ attitude


Taking ‘notice’ of the ‘non-parliamentary’ attitude of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) lawmaker Abid Sher Ali during the last session of the lower house of the parliament, NA Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza has called him in her chamber at Parliament House. According to a press release, Dr Fehmida asked Abid Sher Ali to see her in the chamber during the current week. According to sources in the NA secretariat, the speaker as custodian of the House was unhappy with the attitude the PML-N legislator adopted during the last session while protesting against the Prime Minister Gilani. Abid had led the in-House protest for the whole session and at one occasion he was about to enter into a scuffle with treasury legislator Akhundzada Chittan on the issue but the saner elements averted the clash.
The sources said that the speaker desired to see the PML-N MNA to ask him to ‘mend his ways’ as the budget session is looming. It is likely that the opposition party would continue its in-House protest during the coming session as well. Dr Fehmida has also invited Leader of the Opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in her chamber. She extended this invitation in response to a letter written by the Leader of the Opposition to the Speaker a few days ago. According to sources, Nisar had written a letter to the speaker in which he had objected to the passage of two resolutions including the one to repose confidence in the convicted PM and other for creation of the province of ‘Janoobi Punjab’.
Nisar had termed the passage of the resolution unconstitutional and against parliamentary practices. The Speaker, the sources said, would clear the government position on the issue.


  1. This woman has no ties to Pakistan and has no knowledge of the history of Pakistan. She should have been a pole dancer for heavy people 🙂

  2. Kamran, your are such a shame for your country… my goodness… would you like to hear something like that about anyone close to you… then your gairat will trigger a tsunami.

  3. Speaker is a graceful lady. Abid Sher Ali does not have an iota of decency. He will never mend his ways. I have watched him on several tv shows. He is always pathetic. It is a shame we have such people in our Assembly, thanks to being a nephew of Nawaz Sharif.

  4. This idiot does not deserve to be called to the chamber before a respected lady. By the way he is second cousin of Mian Nawaz Shareef and so there should not be any surprises on his rogue behaviour – since its a family tradition.

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