Electricity is the basic need of people and also important in every walk of life, especially in domestic use because, in homes, it is necessary for a number of electrical appliances like grinding machine, washing machine, refrigerator, computer , fan and light etc.

Electricity is the essential factor for industries, factories, banks, markets etc. Industries are the wheels of any country, if industries will not run, then country can’t progress and faces economic crisis.

All the people are facing loadshedding, especially the students. Students are badly affected by loadshedding in the examination days when they need electricity for the preparation of exams.

In summer season, when we already face intense heat, with the addition of shortfall of electricity, life becomes hell and we can do noting in this severe situation.

We pay all the taxes and huge amount of monthly bills properly in time. In spite of this, the government doesn’t fulfil our basic requirement of electricity while increasing our monthly electricity bills after every two or three months. Is this justice of us?

I would request to our government to pay attention to this serious issue as soon as possible.