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Hashwani’s ‘Five Star Gold Standards’ for rebuilding Pakistan

Pakistan is under crises internally as well as externally. A comprehensive solution is required to bring positive change in our destiny as a nation. This situation of uncertainty can only be overcome by collective wisdom and insights from leaders who have a proven and successful track record of ensuring top performance throughout their carriers. Pakistan needs strong leadership in all sectors, which can make us feel proud of ourselves by helping us achieve our well deserved true status and potential. We need role models who can give us strength, courage, confidence and inspire us by showing us the way to come out of shadows. One such high achiever and a leader is Sadruddin Hashwani who needs little introduction. By analyzing his leadership vision and management philosophy we can help define the recipe for rebuilding our great country. As far as Pakistan is concerned Sadruddin Hashwani’s role in the developmental history of this country is undeniable. He is a man of yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is a true corporate leader and patriotic Pakistani. He has introduced new meanings to the excellence in services in the hotel industry. He has always adopted the right course for his personal and professional life. He has shown strong values and beliefs and effectively puts them into action. He was a pioneer of 5 Star standards in hotels in Pakistan decades ago. Very few people were aware of 5 Star standards at that time. Due to Hashwani’s unique management and leadership style, these standards have not only been maintained over the years but are still shinning bright as always. In Pakistan where everything has deteriorated over the years, simply surviving is a formidable task. Many big businesses and conglomerates have disappeared from the scene since they failed to maintain their standards and brand names. This issue has haunted not only the private sector but many public sector companies have met the same fate generally. The basic problem lies in the failure to provide strong and effective leadership, maintaining consistent performance and investing adequately in human capital. Other ailments include compromising integrity, poor corporate governance, corruption, lack of adoption of latest management and leadership techniques, ignoring integration of high end technology and most importantly not to be flexible and change in a pre-emptive mode with changing times. The change is happening at a breakneck speed even for a developing country like Pakistan. Handling change both internally and externally with compatible speed demands vision, strategic planning, efficiency and of course firm grip on the management structure of the organization right from top to bottom. Sadruddin Hashwani has successfully and diligently addressed these issues in all his businesses. His strength lies in his swift ability to handle and manage the strong wave of change every day with integrity and dignity. His attention to detail is visible in his sophisticated personality, choice of words in his passionate speech, whether related to business or his beloved country Pakistan. His infectious patriotism never fails to enthrall people while talking on any subject about Pakistan. The deftness with which the successful people like Hashwani maintain the precarious balance in life, offers lots of learning for us. He is an extraordinary person with exceptional courage like a lion, resolve and capability when it comes to facing tragedies like Marriott Islamabad’s bombing. Its rehabilitation was not less than a miracle and all of us have witnessed it firsthand. He empowers his human resource that invariably instills confidence and sense of responsibility. It is evident in the professionalism and ease his staff members conduct business in his hotels and other organizations. Sadruddin Hashwani has strong faith in the future of Pakistan and potential of Pakistanis. He has built state of the art hotels in the least developed and neglected areas like Azad Kashmir’s capital Muzaffarabad and Gawadar port in Baluchistan to promote tourism and business as well. Investing in these least income generating areas at the moment from hotel industry perspective clearly reflect his commitment to development vision of Pakistan. People like him are game changers. His core values and golden rules of management and leadership are a role model for all of us. That is why “Hashwani’s 5 Star Gold Standards” philosophy can be applied across the board in all sectors of Pakistan to ensure success and overcome failures in rebuilding Pakistan. This narrative cannot cover every aspect of his multi dimensional and dynamic personality. His vision needs to be promoted and emulated as this is the need in these difficult times. We can benefit from his wisdom to define a clear vision not only for over selves but for our corporate and political leaders as well.
The writer is a corporate communications analyst

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