Emma Stone gets addicted to the internet


Actress Emma Stone has revealed that she is a potential internet addict. “I get addicted to the internet. I have a Twitter account. I look at it a lot, but I don’t tweet. I’d be terrified that I’d say something and never be able to live it down,” she said. She also said she loves her hair colour and wants to be a redhead in every movie.”I love being a redhead. My mom is a redhead. I just really prefer the red and that’s the way I would stay if I could,” showbizspy.com quoted Stone as saying.”I’m actually a natural blonde. I’m blonde at the roots but red at heart,” she said.The actress also revealed she is addicted to reading about herself in newspapers and magazines.”I’m not one of these people that must disassociate themselves from it or has to cut it off. Other than I get addicted to it, so I have to do it in moderation,” she said.