Drug case accused Zafar Lak made FIA chief


The government has appointed Narcotics Secretary Zafar Abbas Lak as the director general of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in place of Javaid Iqbal who has been appointed the narcotics secretary. Lak is one of the accused in the ephedrine case, also involving Ali Musa Gilani, son of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.
The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) in its inquiry report submitted to the Supreme Court of Pakistan alleged that Lak was trying to sabotage the enquiry process, and the Ministry of Narcotics Control had been asking the ANF to stop its enquiry and also stop proceedings in the Supreme Court. The transfers came as the ANF again summoned Ali Musa Gilani for interrogation on May 14.


  1. His appointment is direct reflection on the incompetence of ppp govt. The more corrupt you are, the higher up you'll go. Just look at gillani where he's ended up. It was a group effort on his part though. His whole family helped him tremendously 🙂

  2. Zafar Lak by his corruption has become a favourite of PPP which posts such crooks to positions of authority, who will protect robbers and drug dealers. With Rahman M as Minister, Lak as DG FIA, you can imagine what will happen. Ali Musa Gillani will sail thru smoothly.

  3. Lak has made so much money with Gilani's son in Narcotics that he dont care if next govt kick him out for ever. He wanted to give extra favor to this govt so that his marriage with criminal remains so if there is any extra favour he can get in next six months before this govt get collapsed.

  4. Zafar Abbas Lak is just doing his job n not protecting anyone…he is an honest officer…. He was DIG in 2005 and his close relatives like Ch Shujaat n Pervaiz Elahi were in govt but he wasn’t promoted as AIG and he also didn’t tried to get promotion even having all powers, reference, authorities in his hand…..his juniors became AIG as well as IG but he got promotion after 7 years….its his honesty…..Try to use your mind before speaking anything for anyone…..everybody is not corrupt who is involved in Ppp govt……No one refuses his promotion especially after 7 years….. Don’t b Lakeer k Fakeer….. ALLAH ne dimagh dia hai to istamal b kia karo.

  5. Mr. Zafar Abbas Lak is an honest n very nationalist person he has not been the part of Musa doing whatever was done that was done before Mr Lak joined this ministry he just showed that record to the court n nothing else . What was written in the record he just spoke that …. Irfan n dhoti u should act upon think before u speak n look before u leap. Wht proof u hv about corruption naveed is saying v right Allah ne dimagh dia hy to istaamal b kro

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