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Some people may choose to denounce views of a senior leader of Hurriyat Conference, Prof Abdul Gani Bhat that United Nations resolutions of 1948-49 on Kashmir dispute are impractical to be implemented in present times, but is he saying something really strange? We all know that no one in the world community is interested (other than Pakistan as is an affected party) to talk about these resolutions. Pakistan can’t enforce these resolutions by military means. Then what is the solution?

Prof Bhat called for taking up Parvez Musfarraf’s four-point formula to solve the Kashmir issue in a step-by-step manner. As per this formula, both Pakistan and India first need to allow free movement and free trade between two parts of Kashmir, both armies to be withdrawn from the conflict zone. Joint management should take up matters of common interest like governance, river waters and industrial growth.

After a period of 10 to 15 years, Kashmiri people should decide whether to continue with the joint management of the valley. If response is ‘yes’, Kashmir dispute is resolved forever. If by somehow joint management process is not favoured, then alternate arrangement to be worked out per the wishes of both sides of Kashmiri people.

Bhat was of the view that Kashmiris should be recognised as the architects of their own destiny, therefore, a dialogue process shall start among the three concerned parties – Pakistan, India and Kashmirs. The process has to be productive and time bound, not to gain time to fool the Kashmirs another time.

Pakistan and India may choose to remain hostage to the ills of subcontinent’s partition. These ills have proved to be the stumbling block in the progress. Both countries are maintaining world’s third and seventh largest armies, spending greater percentage of GDP on defence budget while millions are deprived of education, health care, sanitation, clean water or even a shelter.

But Bhat’ views will be denounced by hardliners on both sides of the border because keeping the Kashmir conflict ‘alive’ serves a number of parties. Beneficiaries include military, hardline political parties, weapons manufacturing and selling ventures. Perhaps one day we may have a strong and risk taking governments in Pakistan and India who may come forward with an out-of-box solution to correct the mistakes done by their predecessors 64 years back.


Jubail, Saudi Arabia


  1. That was the long struggle of Kashmiris and Indian blood bath ,who brought both countries to table talk. Pakistan lost as usual.
    Trading, travelling on both sides isn't issue, this is rather having applied salt on the bleeding wounds of Kashmiris.
    take a look how many people have so far travelled since Musharraf made a deal for Kashmiris on both sides!!!
    look at the facilities, road safety and interests on both sides.
    Indian & Pakistan will keep building their armed interests on the pretext of Kashmiris.
    This is Humane and Islamic issue, if we as nation and Govt has failed to present our case to international community, this is our mistake and we must admit it.
    Rather making beneficial calls to US and other countries, we must address this to the entire humans community and tell them what is going on in Kashmir?
    we haven’t done anything in this regards and started the rant of the solution.
    Indian will guide and implement the solution if it continue to prevail like this.
    Let India to admit that "Kashmir" is a disputed area !!!

  2. Part-I
    {1} Gen.Musharraf had 4-point dream and now, Prof Abdul Gani Bhat is having same sort of dreams. These are not solutions, these dreams only. _{2} By allowing free movement and free trade nothing worthwhile can be achieved for want of trust between India and Pakistan and consequent restrictions imposed on movements (Pakistan is not even ready to listen to India's concerns for terrorist movements in the garb of common kashmiris)_ {3} As for withdrawal of armed force, the first step to be taken under 1948-49 UN resolutions was for Pakistan to withdraw its armed forces from areas illigally occupied in J&K. Pakistan did not comply, hence no further step could be taken. _NOW, why should India fulfil the dreams of Gen. Musharraf and Prof Bhat by withdrawing its armed forces from its own state of J&K? _{4} Some solution may be arrived at only when Pakistan stops day dreaming and slashes its wish list. (continued in part-II)

  3. Part-II.
    {5} Kashmiri muslims are not the ONLY human beings on this earth, others are also there. Solutions suggested should also take into considerations the sufferings of hindus and buddhists. Pakistan and Kashmiri muslims have never shown any human feelings towards non-muslims. It is pretended as if they do not exist.
    {6} With good intensions, solutions can be worked out for any sort of complex problems. Niether Pakistan and Kashmiri muslims nor India can impose any solution upon others. So, what is the use of go on fighting for nothing.
    Both India and Pakistan should come to the table with implementable solutions and with good intentions.

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