Why blame?


The PM’s visit to UK is under fire these days. One that he is a convict therefore he should not have travelled to UK as PM. That’s another issue. As many as 90 members travelling with him, spending millions from the national exchequer, is the most disturbing issue. Why did he need such a big entourage? Why did he need so many ministers and media to cover this strategic dialogue conference?

These 90 people are reported to be staying in the most expensive hotel in London. 20-25 vehicles are hired to carry these 90 people to various shopping markets.

My plea is why didn’t these 90 people refuse or regretted to go? Were these 90 people unaware of the deplorable condition of funds in Pakistan? Were these enlightened people not aware of outages that are going on in Pakistan due to non-payment of IPP circular debt? I am sure they must have said yes to the PM’s invitation to accompany him to UK. But learning from Mr Gilani’s refusal to SC orders could they have not refused with thanks?

If Gilani is so loyal to Zardari that he even foregoes his oath on loyalty to Pakistan, could 90 people have not refused a royal trip to UK in allegiance to their homeland Pakistan? Can I safely conclude that it is not only the higher ups who are corrupt, it is the entire country, including intelligentsia, who are equally corrupt and totally devoid of any love for the country? The fate of Pakistan is written on the wall in bold letters. May God save this country!