When Ash refused to act opposite Brad Pitt


Even though she has now become the butt of all jokes because of her weight, we should not forget her contribution in augmenting the image of Bollywood internationally. Ash has been a part of many international projects in the past, but she has also rejected a few films. And the most epic amongst them was 2004’s period drama ‘Troy’, opposite Brad Pitt. Aishwarya was apparently offered the role of Briseis, which she turned down. ‘Troy’ director Wolfgang Petersen was keen on casting Aishwarya Rai in the role of Briseis, but sadly that didn’t happen. But if sources are to be believed, Aishwarya turned down the offer politely, and the role went to actress Rose Byrne. ‘Troy’ had Pitt playing the lead character of Achilles, and the movie was a major grosser at the box-office. We still ponder over what could have been the reason behind Ash rejecting the offer, and what wonders the movie could have done to her career. However, what concerns us the most right now is her ever-increasing weight. The actress recently dropped her plans to attend the Cannes this year, leaving all to speculate if she is really worried about her current shape.