Unannounced power outages to end in 24 hours: Naveed


Water and Power Minister Naveed Qamar has claimed that unannounced load-shedding will be ended in 24 hours.
Talking to journalists, Qamar said that abrupt shortfall in the power generation was due to technical fault in some power plants, adding measures were being taken on emergency basis.
He said power crisis was a national issue and added that the whole nation should extend cooperation in this regard. He said protests and damaging the property was not the solution of this issue.
Naveed Qamar asserted that three provinces have started implementing the decisions of energy conference but the fourth, that demanded to call the moot, was not doing so.


  1. Height of incompetence and corruption. If this government has not handled this problem in four years time what right they have to stay in power. This darkness over Pakistan will lift once the country gets rid of corrupt and incompetent mafia. Mr Naveed Qamar must resign first.

  2. Any one who votes for PPP deserves death! seriously! such incompetence!! n esp targeting upper punjab!! GO GILANI GO! Take Zardari with U!

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