Pak scientist’s research rated as outstanding in Italy


A research article of Pakistani scientist, Dr Syed Shakeel Raza Rizvi, has been rated as an outstanding paper at the joint 15th International Congress of Endocrinology and 14th European Congress of Endocrinology held from May 5-9 in Florence, Italy.
Dr Rizvi submitted four research articles for presentation at the conference, which is Europe’s biggest scientific meeting on hormones. His research paper has also been selected for wider dissemination through press. According to a press release issued by the European Society of Endocrinology, Dr Syed Shakeel Raza Rizvi of Pakistan Science Foundation and his ream from the PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi Medical College and National Institute of Health, Islamabad, presented a data at the joint conference which showed the boys who are made to work at a young age undergo puberty at an earlier age than their school attending counterparts.
The team studied 294 boys currently in work and compared them to 300 boys currently attending school. All boys were aged from 10-20 years old. The researchers measured the levels of a number of hormones in their blood that signal the development of puberty. These included testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), inhibin B and cortisol. It is thought that there are approximately 215 million children worldwide who work. Of these, 127 million are thought to be boys.
It is already known that child labour can deprive a child of critical education and training, as well as exposing them to physical and psychological suffering which may have long term effects. This study is the first time that child labour has been found to affect the timing of puberty in boys, with the age decreasing by approximately one year.
Improved links between Pakistani, Indonesian women stressed: Women entrepreneurs of Pakistan and Indonesia need to cement ties which will help economies of both the brotherly Islamic countries, said Madam Batur Latuconsina, Chairperson Indonesian Women Association on Thursday.
She appreciated the resolve and skills of Pakistan businesswomen who are second to none. She said this while speaking at a reception held in the honour of Samina Fazil, founder President,a Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI), said a news release here. Latuconsina said there is a need to improve linkages between the business communities of the two countries to improve understanding, trade volume and cooperation.
The Indonesian Women Association chairperson said, “Pakistan Indonesia Business Forum has been formed and we have to go a long way to realise the real trade potential.” She asked the members of IWCCI to forward proposals aimed at strengthening ties and bolstering trade. Madam Batur Latuconsina said that Indonesia values its relations with Pakistan and desires to further strengthen the existing relations. Indonesia is a very promising market for Pakistani importers and exporters, she added.
Speaking on the occasion, Samina Fazil said that it is encouraging that Pakistan has offered 216 tariff lines to Indonesia while the later has offered 287 tariff lines. Underlining the need for frequent exchanges of business delegations Samina said that it would ensure mutual benefit and opportunities of better understanding. Business community of two countries should try to jack up the volume of two-way trade to $ 5 billion. She invited Indonesian businesswomen to Pakistan to have first-hand knowledge on business opportunities.


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