Gilani still member of NA and elected PM: Naek


Minister for Law Farooq H. Naek said in the Senate Thursday that Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani is still a member of the National Assembly and elected Prime Minister of the country under the Constitution.
Speaking on a point of order, the Law Minister said that Supreme Court in its short and detailed judgment has not disqualified the Prime Minister from the post. He said under the observations of the Supreme Court the matter lies with the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Election Commission.
The Minister said if the Speaker observes that a question of disqualification of the Prime Minister has arisen then she will refer the matter to the Election Commission. He said the Election Commission will make the decision.
The Minister said the decision of the Election Commission would be implemented and we all will honour the decision.
Farooq H. Naek said the Prime Minister has the right of appeal against the judgment and the appeal is also a part of the proceeding. He said before the decision of the Court on the appeal, the personal interpretation of the decision must be avoided.


  1. Hey ,The broker of Zardari stop shouting, otherrwise in near future U wil have to face the punishment with Zardari……..

  2. In response to the statement whether Mr Gilani remains as the Prime Minister and member of National Assembly after the verdict ! reminds me of two wise teachers each telling their pupils words of wisdom;
    To an ass, a thistle is a delicious fruit.The ass eats the thistle, it remains an ass ( Habib Al Ajami)
    For him who has perception a mere sign is enough. For him who does not really heed a thousand explanations are not enough(Haji Bektash).
    Such is the apathy of our elected leadership and our own failure to change our mindset.

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