PAF Retired Officers’ Association to hold monthly meeting


PAF Retired Officers’ Association (PAFROA)Rawalpindi / Islamabad chapter is holding monthly meeting at 1700 hours on 12 May at Base Officers’ Mess, PAF Base Chaklala. All members and their families are cordially invited and are requested to intimate about their attendance to the Secretary (Gp Capt Saeed Nawaz Khan, PAF Retired), on Telephone No – 9525811, 9280376. PAF retired officers who desire to become members of the association are also cordially invited.


  1. AOA,Pakistan is an imminent need for change of current political system of Sole power in the hand of one person or few of them dropping behind 99% without power or authority in to decentralization, to empower the people at grass root level and allowed then to join the decision making process at all level to decide their own destiny and the destiny of the Nation, for the creation of welfare state. For the change Read the FAQ on you are important people of Pakistan to look in to it, in the name of Pakistan.

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