Putin sworn in as Russian president


Russia’s newly sworn-in President Vladimir Putin on Monday proposed his Kremlin predecessor Dmitry Medvedev as the country’s new prime minister under a job swap agreement that sparked protests last year. The lower house of parliament’s speaker Sergei Naryshkin said Putin submitted Medvedev’s name for confirmation shortly after taking the oath of office for a third Kremlin term. Putin was expected to personally present Medvedev’s candidacy when the State Duma holds a special session that may include an official vote on Tuesday.
The Duma is all but certain to approve the candidacy after both the ruling United Russia party and the LDPR group of the veteran populist Vladimir Zhirinovsky promised to support Putin’s choice. Medvedev now has the support of about 290 lawmakers in the 450-seat chamber while needing only a simply 226 vote majority to become Putin’s premier. Putin had served as Medvedev’s prime minister after ceding his Kremlin seat to his close ally upon completing his constitutionally-mandated first two terms as president between 2000 and 2008.


  1. The world has changed.
    Russia has changed.
    Vladimir Putin has changed.
    But not enough.
    Not enough for the Russians, and not enough for anybody else.
    Putin either has to shift gears — fast — or get out of the way.
    Staying the course can only hatch problems that neither the Russians nor the rest of us would ever want to face.

  2. This newly elected president of Russia for whom I have extreme regards
    may or may not be good for countries like Pakistan,that I dont know,but for
    quite many reasons he surely is a good leader for the people who elected him
    to power.Congratulations, Mr. Putin.
    It makes me pause and think will countries like Pakistan ever have such dynamic
    leaders who can change a corrupt lawless state into a bright prosperous economic
    respectable nation.

  3. People like Putin is a product of a post revolution society. Pakistan's leader's are born with entitlement.

    So, the bad news is: it would be a miracle for Pakistan to get a leader like Putin before real political power shifts to ordinary citizens…

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