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Salman is lonely and depressed, says Asif

Banned Pakistan pacer Mohammad Asif, who was released from jail last week, has described his former roomate Salman Butt as a “lonely and depressed man” anxiously waiting to be released from prison after completing his 30-month sentence for spot-fixing. “Salman and I were sharing the same room for three months in the prison and he wished me good luck on the day of my release,” Asif said. “But he (Salman) is a lonely man and looked very depressed on the day of my release from jail. He has been quite miserable at times and is anxiously awaiting his release,” he added. Asif was released last Friday after completing a 12-month sentence for his role in the spot-fixing scandal that broke out on Pakistan team`s tour to England in 2010. Before Asif, young pacer Muhammad Aamir was also released from jail earlier this year after he completed his six month term. The Southwark crown court in London had last October handed out different jail terms to Butt, Asif and Aamir after finding them guilty of spot fixing and corruption. The trio is also serving a minimum five year ban from the anti-corruption tribunal of the International Cricket Council for the same offence. Only former captain Salman Butt now remains in prison with Pakistani bookmaker, Mazhar Majeed who was also given a jail term in the spot fixing scandal. According to the report, the prison in Canterbury is a men`s prison which has an arrangement which allows two foreign nationals in the same room. Asif, who has vowed to get the ICC ban overturned and has also proclaimed his innocence in the case, said he and Butt shared a room because there were very few Muslims in the prison. “We both were first asked whether we could share the same room,” recalled Asif. “We immediately agreed. Having a non-muslim room partner could have made life difficult for both me and Salman,” he added. Asif also played down reports of differences and ill feeling between him and Salman Butt after the two accused each other during the trial held at the Southwark court.

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  1. Saqib Mukhtar said:

    It's a learning lesson for him and us too. We should not follow the path of Shaitan and end up getting caught n embarrassed. Let's pray for him and ourselves that Allah keep us safe from devil. He will be fine soon. It's better to get punish here in the world instead going into hell at the end of life and get an endless punishment.

  2. Beatle said:

    “Having a non-muslim room partner could have made life difficult for both me and Salman,” he added.

    As if what they did and punished for was in-line with the Islamic rules and teachings. They did not feel ashamed for bringing bad name to the game, their country, and families.

  3. dhoti said:

    you guys are very angry with salman and other players . but what they did is an exact reflection of Pakistani society .whoever getting a chance is trying to sell this country as its a Raadee and all of them are Dalal. just look at your PM president and Mullah diesel and tones of others .. why these guys have to be punished alone why Cricketers alone have to be ideal of the youth why cant a president or PM of country become ideal of this youth.. ……….

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