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PPP stands by PM Gilani: Mukhtar

Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar on Sunday said the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) stood firm by the prime minister in the contempt of court issue and an appeal would be filed after the announcement of the detailed judgment.
Addressing a press conference, Mukhtar said the prime minister had the right to appeal and a line of action would be finalized after the announcement of a detailed judgment by the Supreme Court.
He further said the party was standing behind the PM and he had not been asked to tender resignation.
The minister said if the Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the prime minister, he would resign. He said he was not a candidate for the prime minister’s slot and whoever was nominated by the leadership for the chief executive’s slot, the party members would vote for him.
About the threat of long march by PML-N President Nawaz Sharif, the defence minister said the long march was not being planned on the signal of army or any other institution. He said Nawaz Sharif was a leader of a major party and a mature politician and would not take decisions on anybody’s desire.
He said the judiciary was not against the PPP, but they also did not expect justice from it. He said Nawaz and his party had “terms” with the judiciary.
To a question, he said the democratic system should continue and shouldn’t be derailed. The defence minister said the armed forces and the government were on the same page that there would be no compromise on the sovereignty and integrity of the country. He said Pakistan had repeatedly told the US that drone attacks should be conducted jointly, but the US had not agreed.
Mukhtar said the defence budget would not be curtailed in the next budget. He said the army had full support of the government in rescue operation in Gayari sector. Mukhtar said if the NATO containers were not given passage, it would be a violation of international laws and sanctions could be imposed on Pakistan.
Regarding Siachen, he said it was difficult to resolve the Siachen issue at this point of time, adding that Pakistan could not withdraw forces from Siachen unilaterally.

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