Newage claim Finale Polo Cup


Newage sneaked to a minimum possible margin win to clinch the Finale Polo Cup, that also wrapped up the games season in the city here at the Lahore Polo Club’s main Aibak ground on Sunday.
Newage’s half a goal handicap proved to big a margin to earn them the title against fighting Black Horse Paints. Both the teams remained locked six-all till the final hooter was blown and it was the handicap advantage of Newage which prevailed in the end.
Newage and Black Horse Paints riders remained locked in intense battle throughout the four chukkers. During the whole proceeding anyone who took lead was overhauled by the other. In the first two chukkers, they were even by two goals each when Newage took the lead. And by the third chukker Black Horse Paints were a goal ahead 4-3. They stretched the lead by the fourth chukker but Newage came from behind to level the match and let their handicap do the talking.
Adnan Jalil Azam with three goals was the leading scorer of the winners while Agha Najeeb Raza Khan, Hassan Agha Khan and Agha Musa Ali Khan shared one goal each in a show of great team work. From the losing end, Mian Khurram Munir and Amar Khalid shared three goals each and the lack of coordination cost them dear. Ali Malik and Feroze Gulzar kept the game under check and later Mrs Agha Murtaza Ali Khan who was the chief guest distributed the prizes and gave the winner’s trophy to Newage quartet.