Real ‘press’ freedom in media owners’ hands


The Pakistani media enjoys freedom of press, but the real freedom is being enjoyed by the media owners.
This was observed during a vibrant discussion about media laws on Saturday at the US Consulate in Karachi to mark the World Press Freedom Day.
Over 70 Karachi-based journalists, media laws experts, bloggers and journalism students attended the dialogue.
The Express Tribune’s Kamal Siddiqui, Supreme Court advocate Zahid Ebrahim, an expert on media laws, and blogger Faisal Kapadia joined Jang Group’s Ghazi Salahuddin lead the discussions for different sessions.
In the consulate hall, portraits of journalists killed in Pakistan, including Saleem Shahzad, Wali Khan Babar and Denial Pearl, were displayed to pay tribute
The speakers said that media in Pakistan fully enjoys the freedom of press and even in some cases, it telecasts or prints something that is more than freedom, for which the media needs to implement code of conducts, while reporting different issues.
Most of the participants asked different questions about the safety, security and working environment of the journalists, impacts of citizen journalism on the society and on traditional media and also about the non-payment of salaries to employees by different newspapers and television channels.
Answering queries by the participants, the panellists said that though Pakistan is supposedly one of the most dangerous countries for journalists, most of the newspapers and television channels’ owners are not ensuring proper safety training or even giving their journalists proper equipments or insurance.
“A camera or the media vehicles are insured whereas the journalists are not, in such conditions working journalists feel insecure,” said a panellist.
In his concluding remarks, US Consul General in Karachi William Martin thanked the journalists.
He said: “I have become a big fan of the Pakistani media. As I meet journalists from all over Pakistan, I am struck by the talent, the imagination and the commitment I see here.”
In addition to sharing their views about media laws, the speakers also commented on the Urdu translation of the newly-published book Media Laws by Jane Kirtley, a professor of media ethics and law at the University of Minnesota.
The book was distributed among the participants to share the scholarly research on the historical evolution of media laws in western societies.


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