Americans stopped near Peshawar


Security officials on Saturday stopped two suspected vehicles with Americans on board on the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway near Peshawar. Sources said a vehicle was sent back to Islamabad after interrogation while the other with three US citizens, claiming to be employees of the US Consulate, was taken to Chimkini police station. The sources said that police and secret service personnel were interrogating the Americans. Officials said the foreigners were traveling in vehicles having fake registration plates and they did not possess proper documents.
Meanwhile, a vehicle carrying a large quantity of weapons and ammunition was seized by police at Armar area in Peshawar, officials said on Saturday. According to police, a suspicious vehicle was intercepted at Armar area of the city and a huge cache of arms was recovered. Authorities have confirmed that the suspects were transporting 22 shotguns, 40 pistols, rifles and hundreds rounds of ammunition. A police officer said driver of the vehicle was arrested and was shifted to undisclosed location for investigation.