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Target and export, like apples and oranges

Pakistan, which was expecting at least 0.3 million tonnes of Kinnow exports this season, has missed the target as it has hardly exported 0.225 million tonnes of the fruit only.
Despite a bumper crop of 2.1 million tonnes in the country this year, the export of Pakistani Kinnow has shown a historic decline because of the loss of huge market of Iran where the high demanded fruit could not reach amidst the sanctions imposed by UN and USA. Besides, the Indonesian market, where at least 45000 tonnes of the fruit was expected to be made after concluding the already approved Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA), also remained almost untapped because of the negligence on the part of Pakistani government.
As the huge market of Iran has already lost this year under the sanctions imposed by UN/US on the neighboring country, a huge quantity of the country’s fruit could not help the country in terms of revenue this year. Pakistan’s exports to Tehran have been reduced by 35000 tonnes during the outgoing season as the commercial banks in the country were reluctant to issue the Export Form to the exporters. The majority of the important fruits have so far been smuggled or shipped to the neighboring country via the land route.
Talking about the historic reduction in exports of the fruit, Waheed Ahmed Co-Chairman Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchant Association (PFVA) said that unfortunately the country could hardly export around 0.225 million tonnes of kinnow this year almost 0.1 million less than the target of 0.3 million tonnes despite the bumper crop this season.
The major reason of drastic reduction in exports was the loss of Iranian market where trade was now already disallowed under the sanctions imposed by UN/US causing huge losses to the exporters in the country. Under the sanction on the brotherly neighbor, various banks in the country have stopped issuing E-forms to the exporters of fruit causing huge losses to them. The exporters have lost the opportunity to export around 3000 containers of mandarin orange [kinnow] and revenue of at least $ 30 million. However, only 10,000 tonnes of the fruit have gone to Tehran via land routes, he added. Besides the loss of Iranian market and less exports to Indonesia, the major damages to the country exports this was made due to reduction in the prices of the fruit in Russia because of the unchecked and bulk of exports made by the exporters without examining the potential and demands in the foreign country. The fruits sent by unregistered and new companies to Moscow were sold at $ 4 to $ 5 per 10 kilogram against the market price of $6.5 per 10 kg Kinnow due to the huge stock at the foreign country’s ports. This kind of immaturity has also caused to the regular and genuine exporters, thus making an average loss of $ 20 million in Russia only. He said that the country has so far exported 8800 containers of Kinnow via sea routes and soled them at the average price of $ 6 per 10 kilogram of the fruit. Last year the same was sold at the price of $6.5 per 10 kg while the country had exported at least 0.214 million tonnes during the last season where the production was estimated 1.7 million tonnes against the target of 0.260 million tonnes.
However in terms of quantity, the country has exported at least 1400 tonnes of additional kinnow this year, he said.
Talking about the causes of losses to the exporters who were eying to a historic jump in exports, Waheed said that, besides, the Indonesian market, the exporters were eying for as an alternative market after Iran, also could partially tapped during this season despite the expected implementation of the Pak-Indonesia PTA, by January 2012.
Besides the inflation in the world, poor quality of the fruit and absence of research and value addition of the country’s important fruit have also badly affected the exports of Kinnow.
The lack of search facility and maintenance of quality and standards of the fruits could cause further lasses to the country’s growers, traders and exporters.
“The country needs to develop various verities of Kinnow and Islamabad would have easily achieved the target if it had introduced verities in the international markets”, he said.

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