KESC demands security cover in Lyari


The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has demanded security cover in Lyari Town’s troubled areas for restoration of five tripped feeders and 19 damaged PMTs, which have so far been inaccessible to the standby maintenance teams due to law and order situation in that locality.
KESC said that 10 percent of the total 180,000 consumers in the Lyari vicinity are still deprived of electricity supply because of miscreants’ direct firing on power installations, and that law enforcement agencies must play their due role in providing immediate relief to the stranded citizens.
The power company also said that because of lack of maintenance, the occurrence of feeder tripping and PMTs going out of function due to direct bullet shots are on the rise, resulting in outages in the affected areas.
Earlier, KESC teams had ventured into the risk zone as deep as they could, but protection from law enforcement agencies was missing, as their personnel did not reach on the spot despite repeated assurances from authorities.
The power utility has expressed firm resolve to continue power supply to the troubled areas of Lyari Town.
Maintenance teams have so far restored two feeders and eight PMTs in the midst of heavy exchange of gunfire and rocket attacks in the area.
However, five of the 43 feeders and 19 of the 742 PMTs in Lyari area still need to be restored, for which security cover is essential.
A day earlier, upon assurances of the law enforcement agencies and relevant authorities for provision of appropriate security cover, KESC maintenance teams were dispatched along with new PMTs.
They waited at the decided destination, but law enforcement personnel were not available to protect the teams dispatched to do restoration work. As a result, the work could not be started.
On Friday morning, the law enforcement authorities again promised security cover, upon which maintenance teams reached there, but neither did the law enforcers provide adequate security nor did they allow the teams to enter the affected areas on their own.
The power company said that according to the latest position of faults in the power distribution network in the Lyari area, Mehrab Khan Feeder, Atmaram Pritamdas Feeder, Hari Masjid Feeder and Kumar Waraas Feeder are still tripped, affecting electricity supply to the connected areas.
On the other hand, KESC has been exempting Lyari Town from power load shedding for the past week between 7:00 pm and 9:00 am as a special arrangement.