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CNG suspension nightmare for citizens of twin cities

CNG suspension has become a nightmare for the citizen of twin cities as they face immense difficulties to reach their destinations during load shedding days.
Citizens, as well as, public transporters have spent millions of rupees to get their vehicles to CNG and they are facing immense problems due to prolonged closures of CNG stations which have now become a regular feature.
After increase, in the petroleum prices citizens converted their vehicles to CNG, as it was the cheap fuel as compared to Petrol. These citizens are facing problems due to prolonged closure of CNG stations.
CNG suspension is not only creating problems for the commuters but also affecting the business of the transporters in the twin cities, as they cannot get CNG to ply their vehicles on roads.
CNG suspension has become a regular feature which is disturbing the life of people of twin cities as they have not any other option left but to again convert their vehicles to petrol and diesel which would cost million of rupees. This practice is difficult for vehicle owners but it would also cause billion of rupees loss to the economy of the country.
Citizens have expressed their concerns in this regard saying that it is not possible for every citizen to convert vehicle to petrol or diesel.
Khubaib an employee of a private firm told Online that transport system in federal capital is pathetic that one prefers to purchase his own vehicles rather to travel in public transport. He said that now due to inefficiency of the present government CNG crises has been worsened and people are again facing difficulties. He demanded the government to devise mechanism regarding supply of CNG to stations and provide possible relief to the masses.
Rizwana a teacher by profession told this scribe that she travels daily from Bani chowk to G/10 and uses public transport but due to CNG suspension she faces difficulties. During load shedding days public transport remains less while cab owners take extra charges on pretext of running their vehicles on petrol.
She demanded from the authorities to take notice of the situation and to take immediate steps to solve this issue.
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