After a year


Mr Arif Nizami in his recent article has drawn a very clear picture of the prevalent state of affairs of the country covering period of one year after the raid. He has rightly raised very valid questions to all stakeholders that should open their eyes in the wake of persistent turmoil and failure of their policies.

The writer has covered all the major events starting from raid by US in Abbottabad, President Obama’s surprise visit to Afghanistan to mark the first anniversary, role of ISI, trust deficit between Pakistan and US before and after the raid, US unprovoked attack on Salala check post killing 24 soldiers, Gen Pasha’s over all role and failure of intelligence apparatus and the memo gate scandal.

There is no denying the fact that US needs Pakistan’s cooperation and assistance to fight the menace of terrorism in Afghanistan and FATA area. Unfortunately, events in the recent past including Osams’s killing by US Marines in Abbottabad, Mehran base attack and attack on Salala check post and uninterrupted drone attacks coupled with closure of Nato supply route has widened the trust deficit and continues unabated. It is also true that the US is not at all happy with Pakistan being ignorant about Osama bin Laden living in Abbottabad.

Pasha’s clandestine meetings with Mansoor Ijaz in London without the knowledge of the government clearly speaks that even today army and civilian leadership are not on the same page. The issue has been unnecessarily dragged and heading towards dead end due to refusal of Haqqani to come back to Pakistan. Reconciliation efforts have brought no tangible result.

How can Pakistan force superpower to tender apology, it is now a by-gone affair. Politically, we have erred as we failed to strike a balanced solution of the crisis.

Barack Obama’s clear message that drone attacks will continue should be an eye opener for Pakistan to make quick decisions to repair the damaged situations. Closure of Nato supply route has not starved the Nato troops and our further closure should not make any difference to the US as they can afford to spend few billion dollars more.

As rightly pointed out by the writer the judicial commission is heading nowhere and the government will stay as it is except that the intervention by the army should not be ruled out. They can tolerate anything except disintegration of country. Neither Pakistan army is in mood to derail the democratic process nor the judiciary wants it as is obvious due to continuous restrain shown by them.