White Lies


Does the Punjab government writ extend to Lahore’s cantonment areas in matters of wedding activities? Apparently not! There is a grey, rather a khaki area here and it has been noted that wedding celebrations in these areas of Lahore extend way past the cut-off time.

Recently, a steel magnate celebrated his daughter’s wedding at a club with a golf course that also has several banquet halls. The song and dance lasted undisturbed till the wee hours of the morning and no police bust was noted even for the purpose of collecting “donations”. And that is despite the fact that Lahore’s top cop was seen mixing among guests.

* * * * * * * * *

An interesting situation developed at the Sheikhupura jail premises. A prisoner was being brought out of the building and a fake jailbreak being enacted.

It all seemed like a fake encounter in the making and the prisoner sensing impending doom was shivering. At this point, a DSP came running to the CPO shouting “stop there is a petition pending against this man’s detention in the Lahore High Court” Realising that this could be a huge issue in the making, the CPO quickly ordered the prisoner to be taken back into lock up. And so it happens that since the incident, this particular inmate is being treated like a VIP in the Sheikhupura prison.

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