PML-N senators walk out of session over PM’s legitimacy


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senators staged a walkout from the House on Thursday, challenging the legitimacy of the federal cabinet and the prime minister after the Supreme Court’s verdict in the contempt of court case.
Earlier speaking on a point of order, PML-N Senator Sajid Mir said after the SC verdict there existed no prime minister and cabinet, asking “in which capacity do the ministers reply to the questions of the MPs?” Expressing their concern over legitimacy of PM and his cabinet, the PML-N lawmakers staged a walkout before a resolution was tabled in the house to show solidarity with the prime minister. In response to the PML-N protest, Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said there was only one political party, which claimed to be the champion of upholding the supremacy of constitution.
Without mentioning the PML-N, Kaira said there was a party, which had given an impression that other political parties in the country had no idea how to interpret the constitution. “I would like to tell them [PML-N] to show some restrain as the court is yet to announce its detailed verdict and the short order says nothing about disqualification of the PM… we respect the judiciary but the Sharifs courts’ are not acceptable to us,” he said.
He posed a challenge to the PML-N, saying that the court had ordered to hold local bodies’ elections in Punjab. “If the party has immense respect for the judiciary, it should hold LG polls within a week.”
Kaira said the PML-N was a victim of PTI chief Imran Khan’s phobia and its main fear was that the PTI might dent the party in Punjab. “This is their only concern and they want to cash in on point scoring being the only well wisher of judiciary,” he said.
The Senate also started the mandatory debate on the March 17 presidential address.
JUI-F Senator Talha Mehmood termed the address as disappointing, which carried no relief for the common man, who was miserably hurt by skyrocketing inflation. He said the president just delivered his fifth speech but the relief he recounted during his government’s four years, spoke volumes of his government failure on all fronts whether it was law and order or lip service for strengthening democratic institutions.
He said the restive Balochistan province remains a big challenge for the rulers despite the government’s tall claims. “Mutilated dead bodies, kidnapping of innocent people in the province… I don’t know which achievements the president is talking about,” he said. Senator Farhatullah Babar of the PPP showered praise on the president. He dedicated most of his time in shedding light over apex court contempt verdict against Gilani. He called upon the critics to wait for the detailed judgment and then everybody would be in a better position to interpret the court orders.