Only the public’s burden?


Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) established a new power plant in Bin Qasim one year ago that could generate 590 megawatts of electricity. It is a pity that the power plant that can fulfil the needs for electricity more or less in the whole city of Karachi is yet to be functional though one year has passed since the power plant’s establishment. The power plant cost millions of dollars and was established with the cooperation of the Asian Development Bank and other international financial institutions and I believe if the power plant were to be functional, no electricity loadshedding, even for a few seconds, can take place in Karachi.

If we see the overall current condition of the loadshedding in Karachi, 3 to 6 hours’ loadshedding is usual in the whole city whereas various areas are deprived of electricity for an unknown number of hours. When the system is present and loadshedding can easily be coped with, so why are the people being deprived of electricity and being charged exorbitant rates? In this regard, the concerned authorities must realise the problem and bring the new power plant into operation and exploit it in order to cope with loadshedding and facilitate the public.