On the detention of Edhi


Millions of people of this country would be in shock to read the statement attributed to Abdul Sattar Edhi – well known social worker appeared in the section of the press (May 04) about his detention, posting of police officials outside his house and closure of his ambulance service in Lyari where police operation for the last 8 days is in full swing.

Needless to mention here that Mr Edhi is well known social worker who has rendered unprecedented services to humanity without any discrimination for years as recognised throughout the world.

Closure of his fast, efficient and much needed ambulance service in Lyari is condemnable. If he has opposed the Lyari operation like thousands of others, it was his right; But the Sindh government had no grounds to take the mentioned measures against him.

It appears the Sindh government which is already suffering from extremely bad governance is now defaming the country’s heroes. Very sad!




  1. Stopping Edhi to provide relief to hundreds of thousands caught between the police and armed gangs in Lyari is inhumane and unacceptable. While Edhi, JI and others were stopped the police allowed MQM convoy to enter Lyari, which proves that there are political motives also.

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