Rawalpindi lawyers ban Aitzaz, warn PM to quit


High Court Bar Association and District Bar Association Rawalpindi have banned the entry of Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan in the bar rooms.
They also warned the prime minister if he would not resign within 15 days, lawyers would start country wide campaign against him. It was decided in a joint meeting of both the bars on Thursday.
The senior leadership of the legal fraternity including High Court Bar Association Rawalpindi Bench President Sheikh Ahsan-ud-Din, Rawalpindi District Bar Association President Sajid Ilyas Bhatti, Zulfiqar Abbas Naqvi, Khaliq Hussain Bhatti, Waheed Anjum, Ashraf Gujjar, Taufeeq Asif , Raja Rashid and Raja Shakeel along with others were present in the meeting.
The lawyers decided to forward the copy of the resolution against Aitzaz Ahsan to the National Assembly Speaker and Senate Chairman. They said that District Bar Association Rawalpindi would file a case against the PM for making court verdict a fun.
“Gilani, on one hand, is using filthy language in the Supreme Court and on other hand he is going to file mercy petition in the same court. It is a tragedy that, some serious elements, leaders of lawyers movement are standing with the convicted PM and strengthening him”, the lawyers’ leaders added.
They said the lawyers would neither come under pressure nor they would follow any political power, “however if anybody joins the movement, we shall welcome him”, they said adding that they were independent to make their own decisions.
They said that they knocked out former president Pervez Musharraf with their unity and the rulers of so called democracy had no worth in front of them.
The speakers on the occasion said that Chief Justice was the heartbeat of 180 million people and use of mean language against him would not be tolerated. The lawyers of Rawalpindi Division also announced to hold torch-bearer rally to show solidarity with the judiciary.


  1. This filthy and shameless man who has all his loyalties reserved for his corrupt master, should be banned by all the bar councils. He lives in Lahore but he is a stigma on the face of great Lahorites.

  2. O bhaio, kia ab koi kisi ko wakeel b na kray, its a constitutional right of even terrorists….. Jab aitzaz CJ kay sath long march kray tou hero, gilani ka wakeel bnay tou bura….. We ve to change the mindset…..

  3. We must understand the two faces of AH. One belongs to the person —he is a politician
    who supports PPP and makes no bones about it. The other is a brilliant barrister who is
    hired by the PRESIDENT,the PM and CHIEF JUSTICE. His fees is peanuts! If his brilliant
    case for defence defeats the prosecutor it either shows the weaknes of the case or the prosecutor's incompetence.
    Mr AH does not hug publicity but is gracious for it. I only wish he could be available to others too for 100 rupees. By excluding him we give him more publicity. What are the lawyers " mumbo jumbo" about. Is it jealousy, spite or politics?

    • To answer your last question, it's 'Jurisprudential Tumors' on lease to a body of lawyers …

  4. Gillani ki Wikaalat karney se tou nahi roka.. wo chahay tou karta rahay wo KALAY KAWWAY ko SAFEYD… News tou sirf itni see hay .. k Uskay NAPAAK Qadam ab Dist Bar Rooms main naa aanay paayen.. bus iss cheeez ki pabandi lagayi gayi hay… jo k bilkul sahee hay.. ..

  5. jis tarah Gillani ne guzishta 3-4 saaal mein na sirf apnay bayanaat badley balkay faysley bhi wapus liye … usi tarah .. aitezaz ne bhi pehle jo Statements diye thay uss se mukar gaya… zaahir hay jis tarah Musharraf DOur mein Musharaf ki mukhalifat k bawajood LPG ka QUOTA / Distribultion Licence laiker bhi Payt na bhara tou Biwi ko Ab Woman Cricket Board ka Chairman lagwa diya.. Beyti geneva mein job lay urri.. aur khud mosooof Senator bun gaye … tou abb tou wo Kawway ko SAFEYD karay ga na

  6. No, it's an outrageous move – everyone, including criminals esp, deserves a fair defence in court and that is what lawyers are for. That amounts to persecution for political views, and I don't have to agree with what Aitzaz is doing to say that persecution on grounds of political affiliations is wrong.

  7. He deserved to be kicked out.However,Bar should hit the real person.His mentor-guru whom even judiciary did not bar from acting political,partisan president ruining political culture and economy by 33000 billion rupees corruption.He shud be thrown out

  8. He is a man of law… I am sure he is being Blackmailed by Zardari. Lawyers must try and find out why he agreed to accept Gillani's petition in the first place. We all know what Zardari is capable of…!

  9. Aitzaz Ahsan is a brilliant lawyer and 5th intellectual man of the world. He lead restoration of judiciary movement successfully as it's Quaid and Sacrificed highest positions including premiership. Now he is fighting to save the System for the continuation of democracy. Senate ticket was very ordinary matter for him. The action of Rawalpindi Bar Association is highly surprising. They must review it on merit.

  10. once upon a time , Aitzaz was the leader of lawyers. what went wrong. the lawyers, after all, defend sort of their clients. Whether Islamabad bars would follow the suit?

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