N1 release the ‘Jalwa’ video


N1, the band which made headlines with their debut music video ‘Inqilaab-The Revolution Song’, earlier this year, has just released their second music video ‘Jalwa’.
‘Jalwa’ revolves around a young man’s dream of a mysterious woman, who keeps disappearing after showing her ‘Jalwa’. It’s a lover’s appreciation of some very powerful emotions like mystery, drama, love and a desire for divine beauty. The beauty of this song is in its almost tangible feel of an early morning dream that takes the viewers’ imagination to a different world. ‘Jalwa’s video features leading fashion industry icon Sara Gillani and music industry icon, DJ Shahrukh. The video has been directed by Shahrukh Sheikh, with post work by Murtaza Ali, while the music production has been done by DJ Ali Mustafa. “N1 is working on two music albums simultaneously. ‘Inqilaab’ was our debut release from our first album on revolution. ‘Jalwa’ is our debut release from our second album that focuses on commercial music. The song has an almost dreamy feel to it and we hope it will do well on the charts,” said Naimul Ab, front-man for N1-The Band. Currently, ‘Jalwa’ is being exclusively aired on AAG TV and Radio 1 FM 91. However, N1 has confirmed that the song will be released by the band on their Facebook very soon.


  1. gr8 effort for the release of the second video …. waiting for more to come … gr8 going

  2. Jalwa a beautiful song that has the emotions, love and beauty. N1 the Band has remarkably done very well in order to get in to the viewers imagination through mystery.

  3. I saw it a couple of times on aag tv ! and wow great work, pretty slick. N1 band has made it's mark, love the song, cinematography and the lyrics ! keep up the good work (Y) thumbs up …

  4. After a long time we were able to catch a incredible song "Jalwa| despite the fact that nowadays everyone is coming up with Junkish videos and tracks

  5. This industry has a lot of potential which is recently proved by this band N1 who have come up with quality and meaningful music for the society. Waiting for Jalwa

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