No clash with judiciary, Gilani assures Kayani


Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Wednesday assured Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani that the government had no dispute with the judiciary. According to sources, Gilani discussed the political situation after the ruling of Supreme Court against him with the army chief, and assured him that the Pakistan People’s Party would not clash with the judiciary. However, the government would appeal against the verdict of the Supreme Court.
The meeting also discussed the regional security situation along with the issues of mutual interest. Gilani also said there would be no conflict if all institutions followed the constitution.
Talking to reporters after attending a function of Pakistan Scout Association, the prime minister said, “It is responsibility of every individual and institution to follow the constitution.” He said he had a right to appeal against the decision of the Supreme Court.
IHC disposes of plea: Earlier in the day, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) disposed of a petition seeking the prime minister’s disqualification after his conviction in the contempt of court case.
A petition filed in the IHC sought court order to stop Prime Minister Gilani from serving as prime minister after his conviction.
The petition filed by GA Chaudhry stated that the PM defied the court’s orders by not writing a letter to the Swiss authorities asking them to reopen graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari and thus he should be disqualified.
Responding to the petition which had maintained that according to Article 63 (1) (g), the prime minister stands disqualified from being a member of the National Assembly, Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui remarked, “Article 63 (1) (g) does not mention the prime minister’s disqualification.”
“By the time the detailed verdict is out, a petition might not even be necessary,” he said.
“The petition is premature, wait for the detailed verdict,” observed the court.
He said disqualification subject of PM is not mentioned in Article 63(1) g and disposed of the petition.
On the other end, the petition filed by AK Dogar in the Lahore High Court (LHC) stated that the PM was convicted and in the current situation not eligible to exercise power nor continue to perform as the PM of Pakistan.
According to the petition, the PM, the cabinet, its advisers and ministers of the state cannot hold offices and such actions of PM and their teams are unconstitutional after the verdict of the SC. It added that all federal ministers, advisers and special assistants should be asked to quit their offices.
Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed remarked that courts were not afraid of any threat and they had to pass judgments according to the constitution. He said verdict couldn’t be passed without knowing the viewpoint of the federal government.
In this regard, the LHC issued notice and summoned the deputy attorney general for ascertaining the opinion of federal government and adjourned the hearing until May 7.


  1. I wonder how much did kiayani got after the meeting with gillani to stay quiet? It is becoming obvious that kiayani is in cahoots with the ppp govt. When you are a coward, you try not to ruffle any feathers and thats exactly what kiayani has been doing. We already know his capabilities since US already declared Pakistan army to be "complacent or incompetent or both" under kiayani's leadership. Any other self respecting General would have taken that personal and either retaliated or resigned but not our kiayani. He is a shameless creature.

    • You must be a bicycle seller at a London foot path.Rotten ideas and anti-democratic frustration, I m sure, did not erode your writing skills

  2. meeting with Kayani is an attempt to convey message that every thing is ok with khaki people.

  3. Noon League, PTI and media should respect judgement of Islamabad High Court. Now, if they talk asking for Prime Minister to resign or saying he is no more Prime Minister, it would tantamount to disrespecting the Court orders. The question is : Would they respect this Court Order???

  4. So our PM had to "ASSURE" the COAS .What a breaking news. What may i ask was the trade off? ? Another extension?

  5. Mr Shahid is correct in saying that why N league does not respect the court order? I add, why that schedule long march so early? Do they know what is the full verdict of the court?

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