Violation of constitution


The Chief Justice of Supreme Court has admonished authorities of the four provinces over undue delay in holding of local bodies’ election. He asked all the four provincial secretaries of local governments to inform the apex court about the date of next local bodies election by May 3, 2012.

The Chief of Army Staff has declared support for the democratic system and emphasised that all national institution should work according to the defined responsibilities and functions described in the constitution. The prime objective of the democratic system is to ensure welfare, happiness and increased dignity of the people so that a balanced society is established. In such a society, every citizen could get equal justice and opportunities. Why one should hope and expect that incompetent, corrupt, unprincipled, and tested politicians will heed to the advice of two chiefs of powerful national institutions?

The politicians are likely to prove again that they are not interested in strengthening the democracy. Are they not in politics to have power to use the national wealth for self glorification and to enrich themselves? Do politicians have any vision or plan to put the country on the right direction? How the corrupt can uproot corruption? Only those who respect the law can establish rule of law. The strengthening of state institutions, depoliticised police force and civil bureaucracy are imperative to make Pakistan a progressive modern state. To solve the political issues, the right forum is the parliament and not the streets. Unfortunately, the PML(N), instead of demanding the election of local bodies and defeating the PPP in the elections, wants to make mockery of the democracy by again repeating the politics of confrontation of the 1990s.

The PML(N)’s leadership should not forget the result of its confrontation politics. If PPP had not implemented the Charter of Democracy, why is PML(N) ripping it off? Both PPP’s and PML(N)’s leadership should heed to the advice of Army Chief and CJ. Otherwise, their leaders should be prepared to take the responsibility of derailing democracy.