Salman Khan finds a new buddy


Bollywood actor Salman Khan takes friendship seriously. And the biggest of actors will vouch for the fact that it does pay to be in Bhai’s good books. We’re not talking about the women here though. The latest actor to be included under his wing is Telugu star Ram Charan Teja – who is currently shooting in Mumbai for the remake of ‘Zanjeer’. A parcel of home-made biryani sent to the sets by Salman, for Ram, is what seems to have confirmed the bond between the two actors. Ram Charan plays Vijay, one of the many roles that Amitabh Bachchan rocked during the early years of his career. While Salman and the Bachchan family may not see eye-to-eye, his fondness for the new Vijay has got a lot of industry insiders talking. Other actors under Sallu’s wing include Sonakshi Sinha, who was a fashion designer by profession, turned actress, all thanks to Salman who even cast her in the lead role in his hit film ‘Dabangg’. When Salman heard that Preity’s debut production ‘Ishkq in Paris’ was stuck for technical reasons, he offered to play a cameo to help up the film’s stakes. Preity tweeted about the progress recently.