Pakistan, US reach accord on restoring NATO supplies


Intense negotiations between US Special Envoy Marc Grossman and Pakistan’s civilian and military leadership have finally paved the way for the reopening of blocked NATO supplies and release of arrears under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) by Washington, and a breakthrough in this regard is likely in a day or two, Pakistan Today learnt on Sunday.
This breakthrough is said to be planned for Monday (today) but Sunday’s drone strike in North Waziristan by CIA despite a clear ‘no’ to such attacks by Pakistani parliament has not gone down well with Pakistani authorities and it could impact the process of reconciliation between Islamabad and Washington.
Ambassador Grossman’s recent trip to Islamabad, according to diplomatic circles here, was the most difficult in his diplomatic career and he and other US officials in his delegation had to do tough negotiations with Pakistani authorities who were unflinching in their demands for an apology by Obama administration over last year’s NATO airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers and the immediate release of over a billion dollars blocked CSF dues for Islamabad.
Leading US newspaper New York Times in its report on Grossman’s visit had dubbed his talks with Pakistani authorities as inconclusive and his trip as an unsuccessful one but the Pakistani diplomats and officials privy with the last two days developments say that after hectic consultation both through diplomatic and military channels, Islamabad and Washington have decided to reopen the NATO supplies and release the CSF dues.
“It’s a very important development and we can see a breakthrough in this regard in a day or two,” said a Pakistani diplomat. However, he expressed deep concern over Sunday’s drone strike in North Waziristan, the first one in nearly a month, saying such efforts could again sabotage the whole process and impact the reconciliatory efforts.
He also said that the US was also likely to come up with an apology over the NATO strikes that took place last year in November after which Pakistan blocked the NATO supplies in retaliation.
“Ambassador Grossman has left Islamabad but around 10 American officials are still here finalizing a deal on NATO reopening and CSF arrears’ release,” the diplomat said.
A member of the federal cabinet, Sheikh Waqas Akram disclosed that Islamabad and Washington were very close to reaching a deal on NATO supplies and CSF dues’ release.
“Yes that is true, this breakthrough is imminent and it was revealed by Ambassador Grossman himself when he met me and some other parliamentarians in his recent visit to Islamabad,” Akram, the Minister of State for Human Resource Development, said. He said that a breakthrough on NATO supplies and CSF arrears, according to his information was about to take place today (Monday) but the latest drone strike in North Waziristan could again sabotage the reconciliatory efforts. “It seems that the hawkish elements in US establishment and among the political circles there do not want the improvement of ties between Pakistan and the US,” Akram said.


  1. Where is kiayani the coward? Must be busy supporting the democratic govt. by taking his share of the billions 🙂 What a shame and disgrace to the nation. A pathetic soldier who is no more than a batman to the prime minister.

  2. If the reopening is going to take place on the end to drone strike condition,a formal apology and the release of csf,, I guess it's the right decision then and a diplomacy win for Pakistan.

  3. US = NATO supply – apology + drone … (equation 1)
    Pak = NATO supply + apology – drone … (equation 2)

    Add these two equations … US + Pak = 2 x NATO supply

    *apology and drone issues are cancelled …

  4. what we should expect from these rulers who do not respect the judiciary. They r ali baba …..

  5. Domestic political gnawing after its flagrant confrontation with Supreme Court, the need for funds to appease the disgruntled masses by offering some relief in the forthcoming budget & a bit of arm’s twisting have brought the PPP’s led fragile coalition government to its knees despite US stubborn refusal to say APOLOGIES.

  6. What happened to the demand of an apology? I do not blame the Chief Of Army or anybody else, the fact is that Pakistan's economy is in tatters and immediately needs an injection of billions of dollars. Our political leadership the dynasty and Sharif's could have forced the USA to apologize, simply by bringing back their ill gotten wealth from overseas and put it in Pakistan's Banks. Since they are not willing to that what else can be done. Remember, beggars cannot be choosers.

  7. It had to happen sooner or latter becaz we r dependent on foreign aid. Why don’t we consider the ground realities. If we want to stand as a proud nation among the developed world than we should abolish the leisure way of living as it is a big hurdle in the way of our development. We r corrupt ad a whole, we don’t we consider that and just focus on giving ill fated comments about our army and government.

  8. terrorists and their lankeys Difah e Pakistan council mullahs want Nato supplies to stop. We want Nato supplies resumed so that they can finish off the terrorists (who are heros for some deranged Pakistanis)

  9. This is the difference between Muslims and non. They consider their religious leaders as figure heads and we call ours terrorists. There are good and bad people in every society and cadre of life but throwing a plain opinion rather accusation on a community based on a few members of it, is senseless. Every now and then we hear that popes are involved in sexual scandals but we've never heard Christians calling their popes rapists, sodomists etc. Have a heart and try to respect others. Criticize those who are bad, not everyone across the board.

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