Participants of 96th National Management Course visit PEMRA


The participants of the 96th National Management Course comprising of senior civil officers from various groups visited the PEMRA headquarters on Saturday. The visit was scheduled in line with the requirement of the course as the participants are supposed to be sentient with different working environments, management practices and policies. This enables the senior civil servants to formulate and implement public policies for continuous improvement of governance at national and provincial levels. PEMRA Chairman Dr Abdul Jabbar welcomed the delegation of 73 participants and briefed them about the mandate, functions, scope, performance and challenges related faced by PEMRA.
He apprised the participants of the various initiatives being taken by PEMRA to transform the electronic media into a more vibrant, objective and sensible organ. He said the initiatives are both qualitative and quantitative and their implementation will be done in consultation with the stakeholders and media organisations. He stated that the media has to realise their responsibility and that the PEMRA may not be able to yield the desired results if it works in isolation. National School of Public Policy Dean Naeem Aslam concluded the session by thanking the PEMRA chairman for offering inputs to the participants and assured their continued cooperation to PEMRA.