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The tornado that emanated on 16th Dec, 2009 finally got to the point of destruction when the Prime Minister of Pakistan got himself convicted for not implementing SC’s orders. Believe it or not, it wasn’t a good day for Pakistan. To say the least, it was a case of vested interests versus the witch-hunt. The problem with PPP is that its regime is marred with corruption and poor governance and the perception about its leadership is so negative that it can’t sustain a qualified position on any particular issue, let alone the Swiss cases. The irony with our Lordship is that they are out to reinvent their role at the cost of justice. This reinvention should not have been directed towards one party or one man. It may not be true but it is the perception that is being created by the very institution itself.
Mr Gilani’s contempt case was but obviously going to meet its logical end and it has. Needless to say that PM Gilani got himself into the dock to protect his benefactor and the vested interests tagged along. I will not comment on the merits of the case but one important point which has been conveniently overlooked by many prudent commentators. This decision has not earned what it should have, i.e. respect and effectiveness. That could be for two reasons. Firstly, for the entire span of the trial, Mr Aitzaz Ahsan kept emphasising one point till almost the conclusion of his arguments, which was of the importance of a fair trial. It’s a common practice in the higher courts that the judges withdraw themselves or refuse to hear a case where a question arises over the impartiality of the bench. In this very case, the judges did not pay any heed to this argument which does give the impression of bias and a preconceived mindset. Secondly, for all the tactical reason, it’s a settled practice that the threat of force is mightier than the use of force. The institution has used it and hence the result is not impressive.
Mr Gilani — who himself said that if he was convicted, then there would be no need for him to step down as he would cease to be a member of the parliament — finally got himself an afterthought and now the reliance is on the procedure mentioned in the Article 63(2). What intrigues the foes, obviously PML(N), is that why didn’t the Peoples Party wait for procedural matters, under the above mentioned Article, to be completed and followed when Mian Shahbaz Sharif was disqualified and the federal government had immediately imposed the governor’s rule in Punjab. As they say, it’s a matter of convenience and not a matter of principles. Peoples Party is in a stroppy mood now and any argument against Mr Gilani to step down on moral grounds will not sustain any ground, in a manner of speaking. They have decided to take this war to the next level. It’s judiciary versus the parliament now and it’s only going to get murkier with every passing day.
Apparently, two petitions have been filed in the two high courts to stop Mr Gilani to work as prime minister and to take away his perks and privileges. On the other hand, the Peoples Party is thinking of bringing a privilege motion against the assistant registrar of the SC who recently wrote to the Speaker National Assembly to have the verdict implemented. After weighting all these moves, the judiciary may strike back on May 3rd to give its final order in the NRO Implementation Case. The SC may dispense more pragmatism by issuing the declaration of disqualification for Mr Gilani. Yes, this was the first and one of the six options in the January 10 orders in NRO implementation case. That may be the official doomsday for Mr Gilani who currently is in no mood to bow down to anyone. The opposition, which stands divided, has simply no clue how to deal with precarious political position of PPP. Mian Nawaz Sharif is grappling with the situation at hand. A press conference mentioning number of options available will lead them next to nowhere. Imran Khan offered what he had but what next? Is the street tsunami ready to force Mr Gilani’s ouster?
The effort has be consolidated this time because PPP stands tall and strong, at least ostensibly. Mr Zardari’s reconciliation policy is paying him off now. Despite some conscious effort, no one has been able to attract his coalition partners. Mian Nawaz Sharif should be mindful of the fact that any long march from Punjab will only further destabilise the country and Peoples Party will have yet another ripe reason to embrace political martyrdom. What concerns us, the mango people, is that anymore wind in this hail will only add to the instability.

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  1. Muneeb's article shows that it is a long way to go for him, to become a good columnist. He should take some tips from Najam Sethi, who is Master in this art.

  2. Seems like Najam Sethi is writing two columns these days one is refine other is raw, and the above is later.

  3. Munneb, a good effort, you sure have raised some very valid points but the tragedy is that the people of Pakistan are wearing winkers and are not ready to accept the reality.

  4. We are citizen of Pakistan and specially i just not only live very near to Karachi but i also have my some baloch relative living in Lyari . wife of my one uncle is Baloch .Se don't fool us by saying that in layri operation there is no political issue . We know very will but we are also consider the injustice of our print and electronic media for Injustice of PPPP leaders for the Innocent peoples of Lyari .

    Rangers saying that there is no political issue in Lyari operation . I just wanted to replay him that if there is no political issue then why this opperation is in Lyari only . I know that in every part Karachi there is massive weapons and also terrorist then why again and again for the Lyari it is because peoples of Lyari are poor and innocent . You think that no body well react if we kill the Innocent people of Laryi . I just say to you that fear with Allah .All mighty Allah watching you and hearing your words ok .

    For the Nabil Gabul you are the terrorist of the Zardari you wanted to pressurize the people of lyari that if you will not accept me as the political representative then ready for die . you have to vote me in next election otherwise die know . It is your Agenda for this operation .

    For Zardari He was thinking that after my corruption people will vote me because i will make him fool for the Bhutto and they will vote me due to Bhutto .Yes i also die for the Bhutto but the killer of the innocent peoples and killer of the Bhutto party and Bhutto him self .I have just abuse able words . You agenda is that if the Lyari people will not vote the PPPP mean to me then they have no right to take a breath .So ready for die , Die in hunger, die in shortage of water etc etc .

    For Altaf Hussain . You can brain wash the Urdu speaker not the Baloch and sindhi speaker yes few may be fool but majority will never . Your Agenda is very old but still same . Made the Karachi my kingdom . for this dream you have to clean the Karachi from Pakhton ,Baloch and Sindhi speaker of Karachi . You workers in social media already said to me that we made the Muhajir suba which was in past Jinnah pur (. so don't fool us) they said to me in this time other will migrate not we the Mahajir .So you are doing now , Baloch of the layri migrated from Layri to other parts of the sindh . Your agenda is going to be true . but we sindh are still alive .

    For the Aslam and IG Sindh , I already said that SSP Aslam is suspected in my eyes . Actually he is working for just the the political corrupt leader .But for money he can do any thing .And for IG Sindh he is saying that . We just follow the instruction of the government . Tell me if your superior order you to kill your mother sister , son are any body who is very loving to your and you know that it is wrong he is innocent and he if involve in any wrong activity then it was just the reaction of other criminal action . Then tell me are you follow the instruction of government . You have to obey the order but order which make your self sinner and destroy the life after the death . Then you deny that order . You know that this operation is wrong and only few criminals can kill by your gun but lot of innocent will die . And human rights will also be human right violations must be in great amount . So stop this operation it is wrong in every point . Your operation on Laryi is who many time i also can not count so how the government count it . So it is enough .Fear with Allah .

    For Media you all disappoint me.You know very will that operation on laryri is 6 to 7 times and you also know that this operation is not for criminals but for against of newly born political representative of layri against of Nabil and other old representative . And for MQM Drama you also know .But I think Anchors and owner of the media are not fearing with Allah but they are fearing with Nabil ,Zardari,and Altaf Hussain .or may be people of Laryi are innocent that is the reason you are not rising the voice for them . Fear with Allah Only no body harm you if Allah will support you .

    So think before you decide that who is right and who is wrong and say Pakistan zindabad

  5. The bottom line to all the problem in lyari is money & power why not any rich guy like nabeel gabool get shot dead it's politics mqm want gain control over power in Karachi and look the politics & hypo racy altaf Hussein ex wife were nabeel gabool. Niece lol so what it mean these politians of pakis can do any thing for money and power .

  6. Blacks in USA want things hand it over to them & how they blacks blackmail white we were your slave or ancestors were slave to whites or whites have involve in trades of blacks etc etc they play race card same card muhajir do they do not want to work and every thing Karachi they not go in forces but want to share power it's not possible they loyal to India then Pakistan

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