No bounty on Hafiz Saeed: Munter


US Ambassador Cameron Munter has said that the US had not set any bounty on Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed.
Speaking at the second annual dinner of American Business Forum (ABF) on Saturday, he said the SC decision against Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani was an internal matter of Pakistan and the US respected every institution of Pakistan.
“The relations of US and Pakistan are improving and many seniors from the US have come to Pakistan in recent days and relations are getting normal,” he said. Munter said despite differences of both countries in the recent months, the situation was improving and things would hopefully get better.
He said the US had not fixed any head money for Hafiz Saeed, rather the announcement was made by the Reward for Justice Programme.
Per the announcement, the person who provided any information regarding terrorism in any country of the world and this information led to the arrest of terrorists would be rewarded, he added. To a question regarding trilateral talks of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US, he said Washington and Islamabad were the supporters of dialogue and the real stakeholders i.e the Afghan government and Taliban would themselves resolve their issues bilaterally.
He said the US was firmly committed to its partnership with Pakistan, a relation built on a foundation of mutual interests, respect and trust.
Munter said there was trust deficit between both countries but it could be bridged through people-to-people contacts and continuous dialogue.
He appreciated the role of media in Pakistan and said that in Hafiz Saeed case, there was a bit of misjudgment by the media. The US ambassador said the bounty was not for Hafiz Saeed rather it was for establishing any contact between Jamaatud Dawa and Mumbai attacks. He said there have been talks among US, Pakistan and Afghan delegations for peace in the region.


  1. Keeping in view the bounty Shakeel Afridi got from USA as well as from Pakistan …who on earth would like to get such bounties….WHO ?With naive super power like America
    People of Pakistan have now no choice but to adjust with isi and their beloved Taliban

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