Controversial decisions


It is highly alarming that, like Wapda, IRSA has also become controversial and they are taking decisions meant to favour Punjab at the cost of Sindh, like the recent opening of controversial Greater Thal Canal in Punjab.
IRSA has no authority to open highly controversial Thal Canal that was built by ex-army dictator and racist General (r) Pervez Musharraf in Punjab unilaterally. By utilising powers of Council of Common Interests (CCI) unconstitutionally, the Acting Chairman of IRSA Shafqat Masood Janjua opened Greater Thal whereas the PM had also admitted that the Acting Chairman had utilised powers of CCI unconstitutionally. Strangely, Mr Janjua was not punished as Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab, supported him. ,Otherwise he would have been behind the bars. Consequently, the IRSA has again done the same violation.
I suggest the following:
Those who are utilising powers of CCI unconstitutionally at present or did so in the past in IRSA should be punished. All decisions in IRSA must be made unilaterally and not with majority votes. During scarcity of water, unjustified exemption given to KP and Balochistan provinces with political intensions must be withdrawn so that all provinces should share the scarcity of water. I request PM Gilani to take serious note of IRSA for violating the constitution again and again in the interest of the country.