India hands over dossier on Mumbai attacks to Pakistan


India on Friday handed over a dossier on the Mumbai terror attacks to Pakistan containing Ajmal Kasab’s testimony.
The investigation report of Mumbai terror attacks was given to a 10-member Pakistani investigation team that visited India.
The report on the Mumbai attacks comprises 700 pages, in which autopsy report of those people who were killed in the attack is also included.
The report also claimed that the aforementioned document includes the case diary of the attacks. The Judicial Commission of Pakistan had also examined the document during the tour of India.
FIA Prosecutor Chaudhry Zulfiqar submitted the report in a special anti-terror court. Making the report a part of the proceeding, the court will hear the case today (Saturday).
The report said Kasab received six-month terrorism training in Pakistan and sneaked into India via sea routes along with his 10 colleagues.