White Lies


We hear that, on Thursday, there was much activity in Islamabad around the judges’ enclave right behind Punjab House. There were thousands of visitors some just driving by after a peek at where the law lords lived. Then there were processions, a little disorganised and confused, mainly of PPP workers who tried to make their way into the judge’s compound but to no avail. Apparently, these had been organised to take PM Gilani to the lock up like a hero but since that opportunity was lost they started walking in this direction.

However, this area had been declared a high alert zone and was so heavily guarded by Islamabad police that even the bird population had to reroute itself. The protesters left chanting slogans miles before the judges’ habitat and tourists just got a glimpse of the double-decker houses that are home to the law lords.

* * * * * * * * * *

Move over Facebook, Twitter and Google. The most popular site on Thursday was www.supremecourt.gov.pk. It had so many hits that every other site was left looking like an orphan in Pakistan. People were busy checking out the legal implications of a Prime Minister who had served a sentence even if it was for a few seconds, till the rising of the court, that they actually forgot to have their regular meals. However, we hear that the betting crowd had also been busy and some money has been made in this very unconventional way.

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