Govt will not be allowed more corruption in name of democracy: Nawaz


PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has said the rulers would not be given more time for corruption in the name of democracy.
Talking to former Sindh chief minister Liaqat Jatoi on Wednesday, Nawaz said the elimination of corruption from the country was his first priority.
He went on to say that only the PML-N could bring change in the country. Prudent and bold decisions were needed to address the problems facing the country and people, he stressed.
Nawaz underlined that 180 million people of the country could not be left alone in the prevailing situation. “I will soon visit Jamshoro,” he stated.
He assured Liaqat Jatoi that no political figure would be allowed to join the PML-N from district Dadoo and Jamshoro without his consultation.
Veteran political leader of Jamshoro district, Malik Changez Khan, would announce to join PML-N during visit of Nawaz Sharif of the district.
“Sindh is a citadel of the PML-N and we will win the upcoming general elections with overwhelming majority in all provinces and form government and put the country on the road to prosperity,” Nawaz added.


  1. Apni Saudi, Raiwind aur baakey saree dault joh tu nain General Zia (kameena) kay daur main leeh thee woh declare nah – dengue brothers ab Imran say dar gay hain toh pecche nal phookan mar dain. Shut up and get lost/ Ab PTI hee aay gee – tu abni sharabi bhai kee chatee shaadee karwa – lols – mr. hair transplant brothers

  2. This man has done more damage by always paying lip service while letting the loot and gang mafia plunder the resources of country. Shame on these people who have absolutely no stake in this country. But the bitter truth is that people are still willing to vote for such so called ‘leaders’. And i have talked to so many literate people who still talk about N and Q, without even thinking about the damage these parties have inflicted on this country, all in the name of democracy. PTI seems to be the only party which is at least better than the other lot. And the word is ‘better’ which reflects that there are definitely problems in the party also but still they can be tried and tested as an alternative hope.

  3. He is a pure inbred idiot. He is power hungry. He has allowed this corruption to go on for four years and now when we are getting close to elections and he has realized that he has lost all support and may not win very many seats, all of a sudden he has become patriotic. He is against everybody and everything. He is against the army yet his daughter was being a bed buddy with a army captain at the same time 🙂 Go figure…

  4. Corruption Must be Stopped IMMEDIATELY, because PPP is not leaving anything for PML-N to expunge
    Mian Sahib Jaan deyo
    Check kerain yeh kitnay innocent bentay hein apni taraf say
    since they have joined the poultry business chicken has gone up from 130 to 220+ per kg and thats just only one example
    the other day i was watching program on Hanif Abbasi drug scandal and all Hanif Abbasi had to say in his defense was Imran Khan has a daughter with Seta White and Imran Khan,s father constructed Shauket Khanam Hospital and he bided more. W.T.F how does these counter allegations make you not a drug dealer.
    Moral of the story entire Nawaz League from top to bottom is corrupt and they are involved in all kind of Sin's and Lawlessness imaginable.
    P.S. If this Gillani is involved in all this corruption then where does N League stand because as i remember he is N League's prime minister as well cuz i m sure they elected him unanimously in parliament, oh yeah for the "BENEFIT OF DEMOCRACY"

  5. Mian Saheb like you the sharief man attached with ppp no body and system can prevent this government from corruption.bcoz averything is fair in politics and ruling the government as everybody is naked in the toilet.If the opposition would have been very harsh and strong,no body of ruling party can dare to think about CORRUPTION.We cannot understand why ispites of knowing each and every irregularities,still your party is the way of compromise.We do not want this puppet OPPOSITION in Pakistan any more by any party.Your party is the same criminal as the ruling party is found.Do not play foul games with innocent messes.Sometime you were happy with any poliseman and got doubled thier salaries why.sometime you started Yellow Cap Taxes,now distributing free LA[TOPS.ARE YOU SPENDING THESE CAPITAL FROM YOUR OWN,NO ULTIMATELY THE POOR NATION IS GIFTED AS LOADSHEDDING,HIKES OF PRICES OF BASIC CONSUMABLE ITEMS,AS THESE ITES ARE NOT IMPORTED FROM ABROAD,THESE ITEMS ARE BEING PRODUCED IN OUR COUNTRY.YHERE IS NO CHECK NO CONTROL,YOU PEOPLE DONATE FROM PUBLIC`S TREASURY ACCOUNT AND MAKING YUR NAMES ONLY THIS IS ONLY FRAUD AND CHEATING TO INNOCENT NATION OF PAKISTAN.OUTSIDE PAKISTAN THESE DIRTY GAMES ARE NOT BEING PLAYED AS THEY DO ONLT FOR THE INTEREST OF THE GENERAL PEOPL.

  6. he should have said “Other’s govt will not be allowed more corruption”… well when PML-N will come they as next round will do more…

  7. Well he should have said “Other’s Govt will not be allowed more corruption in name of democracy”… when PML-N will come they will do the rest of Corruption/looting…

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