Wonders of walking


Walking is the easiest form of the healthy exercise, walking helps you a number of health benefits. It prevents diabetes type 2 as taking a walk every week reduces the chance of getting diabetes.

Benefits of walking include improved physical function of the body and enhanced fitness. Taking two or three hour-long walks per week reduces the risk of breast cancer in women and also reduces chances of getting a heart attack.

One of the benefits of walking for the people who want to lose weight is that it helps a great deal in burning calories, by taking two or four long walks per week. Imagine how much weight you can lose by just walking 30 to 35 minutes every day.

It helps in improving digestion process and also increases your appetite and gives us better metabolism. It keeps mind relaxed and reduces the chances of depression and headaches caused by stress and the best benefit is if we have somewhere to go, unless it is a long way, one can walk and avoid hassle of worrying about the cost of gas, traffic problem or congested buses.

Walking is the easiest form of exercise and is accessible to everyone and is fun to do, especially with a company of friends, MP3 player or an iPod.