The trend that has no end


The blast at the Railway Station, that killed 2 and injured over a 100, is the first of 2012, a year that was being considered by many to mark the end to terrorism and the death of innocents in Pakistan.
Pakistan Today meets people at the blast site, those who are not just another statistic and would live with the trauma of their close encounter with death in the years to come.
Noman, 5, cries after being separated from his mother in the stampede that ensued.
Irum, five of whose family members got injured, wails in despair as her siblings and parents are wheeled away to a hospital for treatment.
Muhammad Hamid says he fell unconscious after hearing the blast and when he woke up, he was injured and on a hospital bed.
Mai, waiting to be released from Mayo Hospital, tells Pakistan Today that the blast happened at 6:45pm and she was to leave for Hyderabad at 7.
Muhammad Boota and Baba Siddque did not live to tell their stories.
Photos by Nadeem Ijaz and Murtaza Ali