Haq fears ‘rain of suicide attacks’ if NATO supplies are restored


JUI-S chief Maulana Samiul Haq has warned that there would be “a rain of suicide attacks” on Pakistan if NATO supplies were restored. Talking to reporters on Monday, Haq said the rulers must try to save Pakistan instead of their own rule. He accused the opposition parties in parliament of giving preference to their personal considerations in the case of NATO supplies.
He said there was a dire need to get out of foreign influence and check corruption, price hike, unemployment and other issues in order to strengthen the country. To a question, Haq said Defence Pakistan Council was not a political forum but they were fighting the war of survival of Pakistan. He said they were of the opinion that if NATO supplies were restored, there would be manifold increase in acts of terrorism and it would be difficult for the rulers and institutions to control the situation.


  1. I firmly beleive that feckle heads like this old guy deserve similar treatment. Someone needs to explode himself in the gathering of these stoops.

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