I am not the only multi-talented one: Ali Zafar


Few could’ve asked for the start Ali Zafar got in Bollywood with his first venture ‘Tere Bin Laden’ followed by ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’ and then ‘London Paris New York’. Where he rendered his services as an actor and a singer in the first two, he was asked to take charge of writing, composing, singing and producing the music for his latest love story, with his famous monologue in the end, ‘London, Paris, New York’. This makes him a bundle of talent that can pretty much step into any shoe. A spot was missing since the late Kishore Kumar and which gives Zafar an extra edge. A good looking intelligent guy who can sing, dance, act, write, compose and in fact paint too, but when enticed to boast about his unique position Zafar said “ We are just a channel through which nature bestows its glory. The higher you go in life, the more your feet need to be firm in the ground. I think I am not the only one. There must be many people with many talents, waiting to be explored. We are all unique and talented in one way or the other.” But what has gotten Zafar excited recently is his new venture ‘Chashme Baddoor’ set to release this summer for which he has been spending some quality time in Sajid Wajid’s studio dubbing for his songs in the movie. “There are about four songs for which my voice is required so I am busy dubbing those. It’s a pleasure to work with the duo. We joke, laugh and have a good time and in the process the songs is dubbed after which I am going to take some time off and reconnect with practicing classical music and meditation at home.” So what’s in store for Zafar next. Rumour is that he is shedding off his shy side to showcase the macho action hero in the Hindi remake of ‘Vettai’. “I like to experiment with my looks and roles and not just stick to one genre. I have been making and writing comic books as a child so action thrills me. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on Vettai as of now. Will share details in time.” Well, with this attitude, it seems he’s bound to make a mark which is here to stay for a long time.