Five members of Tableegi Jamaat killed in Allai


Five members of the Tableegi Jamaat were shot dead by one of their companion in a shooting spree at a mosque in Allai area of Battagram on Saturday. According to details, a member of the Tableegi Jamaat snatched Klashnikov from a local person and opened indiscriminate firing at his companions killing five of them and injuring four others. Locals who gathered on hearing the sound of firing, got hold of the accused and handed him over to police. The Tableegi Jamaat which had come to Allai from Bannu was preparing to go out of the mosque for preaching when one member of the team, Rizwanullah son of Zangi, suddenly snatched a Klashnikov from a local man and opened fire. Those killed were identified as Sabaz Ali, resident of Tank, Jehangir, resident of Lakki Marwat, Mir Ali, Lakki Marwat and Ahmadullah from Bannu Bannu. The injured were shifted to Battagram hospital for medical aid.