PTI announces 3-day mourning over plane crash


The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday announced a three-day mourning by the party over the tragic airplane crash near Islamabad that killed 127 people.
A statement issued by the PTI chairman stated that all the activities of the PTI would remain suspended for three days.


  1. Very warm welcome decision by Imran khan but we need a proper investigation and changes in aviation industry. May God bless all those who passed away.

    • Spot on Rajah. What is the three day of mourning going to achieve? We need to get the people to investigate, the others to get back to jobs & work hard & get Zardari, Gilani & Rehman Malik hanged.

  2. Mr Khan; three days mourning as announced by you will not serve any purpose. we will keep mourning on such tragedies till our death. Instead, you please tell the rulers and awaken their conscientious to take pity on this unfortunate nation and run the country as it should be and not as they do.

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