Cinnabon Pakistan holds first ever blogger’s meetup


Cinnabon Pakistan held its first ever blogger’s event at Dolmen Clifton Mall, making it an exciting and adventurous event. The blogger’s event was a huge success with food bloggers from all over the city gathering to feast on Cinnamon rolls and Cinnabon Stix. The blogger’s event was conducted as part of the pre-event campaign for Cinnabon’s launch of their second Karachi outlet. The blogger’s event was held to bring together some of the most influential voices in the food industry, including free lance writers, bloggers at news desks, photo bloggers and even a V-logger. “I think this was a great initiative and one I was extremely excited about,” said Farah Kamal, renowned food blogger and photographer. “Such blogger’s meetup give us the chance to really get to know a product, do some tastings, share our thoughts and get to meet the owners.” Another blogger Sidra said she was super-excited about this blogger’s meetup because this was the first time she had ever been invited to a meetup of food bloggers. “It’s a really neat idea and I hope other people catch on and start conducting more such meetups,” she said. “Kudos to Cinnabon Pakistan for taking the initiative.”