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A high rise Information Technology centre in Lahore was recently named after an IT whiz kid who won a Microsoft Corporation contest. Arfa Karim died prematurely but has become a symbol of the potential of our young generation and what it is capable of contributing to the development of Pakistan.

Naturally the Arfa Karim IT centre is meant to pay silent tribute to that young girl, inspire others and give a pat on the Chief Minister’s back for getting his priorities right.

Unfortunately, the IT centre is not thriving and expanding at the rate that the Chief Minister secretariat chain is growing. We hear that yet another Chief Minister secretariat has come into operation on the top floor of the Arfa Karim IT centre.

It is also rumoured that another two floors may also be needed for the purpose which makes us wonder what the appropriate name would be for the building. The Arfa Karim Chief Minister secretariat maybe?

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The Energy Conference held recently at the “Freemason Hall” Chief Minister secretariat on the Mall had every one buzzing about the simplicity that was being observed there. Delegates remembered the good old days of the Chaudhry rule when there was a five tier menu at every meal and that a simple cup of tea was considered a travesty even for a casual guest. Faryaadis recalled being served fish fingers even if their problem did not get resolved.

We hear that even the comptroller complained to the delegates that the Chief Minister secretariat tradition under Chaudhry Sahib had gone and they missed that style and camaraderie. But then every Chief Minister has his days and this one has asked them to tighten their belts.

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  1. they think giving laptop is also IT related so it has to be in plush high rise IT park 🙂 con artists only doing this for media advertising on govt expense for own election gains.

  2. @ Truth Bites, –Man have the courage to rise above your political bias. The TI has given a clean chit to LapTop Procurement.

  3. The CM could have invested that money on setting up electricity units at perennial canals such as BRB or Balloki sutlej, around Lahore and so on other feature of common use.

    • CM could have the money in his pocket.. But he tries for Lahore with many new projects. Let's see his pros..!

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