It pays to know a politician, especially after retirement


More than 50 retired officers of grades 18 to 22 are working on contractual basis in different departments of the Sindh government because of their political backing.
The Supreme Court had already directed the provincial government to immediately remove all contractual officers from their posts.
The apex court had also prohibited the provincial government from appointing officers on any grade on contractual basis thereafter.
The Sindh government’s move not only frustrated career officers, but also affected the progress of government affairs.
Sources in the provincial government said that majority of the officers reappointed on contractual basis were inefficient during their career service and many of them were notorious for being corrupt officers.
According to details, former Sindh chief secretary Fazlur Rehman was reappointed on contractual basis as an adviser on the Zulfikarabad project, whereas General (retd) Iftikhar Hussain was appointed as the managing director and Ashraf Alvi as the operations director.
Alvi’s appointment has been challenged in the Sindh High Court on the grounds of his domicile of Punjab as well.
Former environment secretary Mir Hussain Ali was reappointed on the same position on contractual basis, whereas the law secretary has been serving on his post for the past 12 years on contractual basis.
Sindh Ombudsman Asad Ashraf Malak of the police service was reappointed on the same position. His appointment was against the constitution, but due to his association with the high-ups, the Sindh Assembly was forced to legislate for his reappointment.
Over 80 years of age, Anita Ghulam Ali has been working as the chairman of the Sindh Education Foundation for the past 15 years and her contract period is extended by the provincial government every year, even though she is unable to walk without support.
Sindh Assembly Secretary Hadi Bakhsh Buriro has been on his post for the past decade. He is the blue-eyed man in every government due to his suspicious activities for political personalities.
Buriro has appointed more than 70 of his family members in the provincial assembly. He himself appointed his son as the additional secretary and promoted himself to secretary.
It is believed that the younger Buriro would be the secretary of the provincial assembly after the departure of the older Buriro.
Nazar Hussain Mahar was appointed as the head of the newly created Sindh Revenue Board (SRB), whereas Federal Revenue Board’s retired officers Asghar Jamil and Mumtaz Shaikh were appointed as SRB members.
Retired officers Sabhgo Khan Jatoi, Nazar Muhammad Laghari and Qasim Lashari were reappointed as SRB members.
A retired teacher of the Sindh Education Department, Dr Fehmida Hussain was appointed on contractual basis as the Sindhi Language Authority Chairman.
SM Qureshi, Shamsul Haq, Panah Jumani, Premchand Ursani, Pir Bakhsh Brohi, Abdul Razzaq Qureshi, Noman Shaikh, Shahnawaz Magsi, Deputy Inspector General Manzoor Mughal and Ashfaq Qadri are among the officers who were reappointed on contractual basis.